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International Stand up to Bullying Day – 25th February

An extract from a poem by Z The Poetess

Speak up, If someone is mean to you, does something wrong to you, stops you from doing what you love to do, make you not be you, harms you, then don't let them get get the best of you, the rest of you, don't let them get to you, don't keep letting them get to you, because it's going to make the worst of you, get the worst of you, get the best out of you, and you don't want that,

Speak up, Tell them how you feel, what you feel, how it impacts you, affects you, and that all of the negativity keeps getting to you, that they're doing something wrong to you, that you don't deserve, that you don't want to deserve, It's time for you to speak up, it's time to speak up, you have to, you just have to, speak up, Speak up, It's going to mean so much if you do, when you do, it's going to make things better for you, good for you, Speak up Speak up, You have a voice, Speak out, Say it out loud, Let out your voice, I want to, we want to, hear your voice, Speak up


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