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I Forgive You

Sorry is one of the hardest words to say and sometimes doesn’t get said often enough. How many times has someone done something to upset you and you haven’t heard them apologise? How many times have you continued with a relationship/friendship knowing that you are owed an apology? Many times we have to see the actions of others to see if they are truly sorry, if the apology hasn’t been said, perhaps that is their apology. How many times have you said sorry, to others and to yourself? We are not given a limited number of apologies and should use them when we have offended others and apologise to ourselves when we have said negative things to ourselves. Sometimes hearing the word sorry leads to forgiveness. Sometimes it leads to relationships ending. The 7th August is International Forgiveness Day. I wonder how many people will forgive those who have offended them. Imagine how many future arguments/wars/disagreements could be averted if we were able to truly forgive and move on. Forgiving is not necessarily about healing for the other person, it is healing for those who have been offended. Hating someone is too much energy and that energy can be spent on better things.


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