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Growing up

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Growing up I used to love going to my local youth club and as I got older, going to clubs: I love dancing with a passion. There were many of us who always went to the same place. I had one dance buddy, who, tragically, was killed whilst at work. His death, not the first that I had experienced, was heart wrenching, as he was the first person I knew, around my age to die violently. On hearing of his death, I went to work in the evening, but had to leave, as I wasn’t able to cope with the enormity of what had happened to him and the impact it had on his family and other friends. His funeral, as sad as it was, was a beautiful testimony to the person that he was.

I went to a friend’s hen party a few years ago, and a lot of my youth club friends also went. There were certain songs that we heard that reminded them and me of my dance partner and our youth and friendship.

Although, my friend is no longer around, I valued his friendship and can think back on the days we danced and laughed. I also greatly appreciate the friendship of my ‘Queens’, who have seen me laugh and cry and grow.

Poem references: Things that make you go hmmm… – What’s the point? Tomorrow and #whoami – BFF

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, & impossible to forget."


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