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Give peace a chance

A United Nations sanctioned holiday for International World Peace, which has been celebrated since 1981, occurs on the 21st September. The day begins with the United Nations Peace Bell being rung at the UN headquarters – with the current Secretary General Ban Ki-moon being in attendance.

Many years ago when I first became aware of wars, I wrote the following poem:

I sometimes don’t feel the need for the world,

I can’t keep up with the pace,

If it were a united place,

It would be a much happier place,

People fighting and killing one another,

I thought we were sister and brother,

No death, no fighting, no mourning, no pain,

We should all be happy together again,

Why do people have little faith,

To try and patch up the human race? It is hoped that peace will eventually come to all parts of the world, very soon.

Peace can’t be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein. Poem reference: #whoami and Why Shouldn't I cry.


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