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Don’t talk, just listen!

World Listening Day is on the 18th July. Listening is a skill that takes a lot of practice and undivided attention. I hear people a lot, but how much do I actually listen to what they say?

There are many ways to listen: by giving your full attention, using your body language and gestures to show you are engaged: nodding occasionally, smiling and other facial expressions.

The poem below is something that I will try on the 18th.

Today I Will Listen

Today I will listen

Without interrupting

Without prejudguing

Without second guessing

Without gazing

Without rehearsing

Without filtering

Without correcting

Without contradicting

Today I will just listen

Today I will listen

With attention

With humility

With respect

With patience

With understanding

With awe

With gladness

With empathy

With warmth

With gratitude

With reverence

Today I will just listen

By – Marva Shand-McIntosh

Happy Listening!


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