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Don’t bank on it

Monday is the first of two bank holidays in May. Some people would already have been setting off for a long weekend, hoping that the weather will be lovely.

The motorways, depending on the time you travel will be choc a block; meaning, valuable time will be spend in the car with people asking, ‘Are we there yet?’ The nerves of the driver will be at breaking point as the passengers argue amongst themselves, several games of eye spy will be played and on the journey back, they will be asleep; the peace and quiet is nice, although, the driver does want a conversation to keep them awake. So, the windows are slightly open and the music is loud, not too loud to disturb the little cherubs, but loud enough to keep them awake.

The weekend away, depending on where you are spending this little break, maybe warm with scattered showers. Or just scattered showers.

I do hope that you have a wonderful 4 day break and that the weather is lovely wherever you are. Although, don’t bank on it!


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