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Ball and chain???

The 17th August 2002 was the day that my life changed, ahem, for the better. I got married to a man who has been my rock and makes me laugh daily. The marriage has been fine, however, the wedding preparation was very stressful. Being a poet, I wrote about how I was feeling:


Months of stress, can’t take anymore.

Really, really got to be sure,

The wedding is all I talk about. Am I a bore? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it really my day?

So I am going to have things my way, MY WAY!

I stand corrected; it’s the groom’s day too,

“But honey, darling, you will do what I want to do?”

All joking aside, I have had a wonderful 16 years of marriage and wish all those who are planning a wedding to enjoy it and don’t get too stressed.


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