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Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Today, for year six it is their last official day at primary school. They were once big fish in a little pond and come September, little fish in a massive ocean. Secondary school can be very scary, but also a wonderful experience.

But before they get there, there is the Prom. For some, it is an overrated American thing that has been brought over here, for others it is a chance to dress up, look grown up and get driven around in a limo.

I have had heard several parents, over the years, complain about their daughters not finding the 'right' prom dress, the matching shoes, earrings etc. For boys, this is much easier: tuxedo, shoes and tie. Not forgetting, the limo, snacks and drinks in the limo, maybe a meal before they are picked up, the list can go on and on. When I was at school, many moons ago, the only Prom that I knew about was the one in the film, Carrie (1976) by Stephen King. I would like to think that no Proms have ended up like that!!!

Jokes and expenses aside, Proms can be quite an ordeal for children: there is the unnecessary competition of wearing an outfit that no one else is wearing, something you will look good in and not get body shamed on social media.

I hope that the ocean that these fish are due to embark, allows them to swim freely and they don't get caught up in the tide.

Poem reference: #whoami – Prom


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