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Now that the non essential shops are about to be opened, there are, I am sure, going to be long queues to have haircuts, nails and feet mani and pedicures. Clothes shops will be eagerly awaiting customers to buy clothes that they may not actually need, but want. Cafes, restaurants and other eateries will have hungry diners who can’t wait to eat what they have been dreaming about for months.

The weather is getting better and the mood in the country will be heightened by being able to meander around shops from 7am until 10pm. This pathway out of the restrictions is a good one, hopefully, people will be sensible and not spend too much in one day.

I am happy for the non essential shop business owners, as this has been a very stressful time for them. I am sure that after serving one customer they will be happen to say Next, to another customer.

Happy shopping and keep safe.


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