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21 years ago, I got my make up done in a local Department store, wore something old, new, borrowed and blue and wore a dress that I haven’t worn since. He didn’t have any make up on and I am sure he could still fit into his suit, if he still had it.

The service started at 2.30pm and I wasn’t too late, although, it was my prerogative.

All the people who loved and cared for us were there to see us make this commitment.

The day was very beautiful, the weather was fantastic and lots of fun was had.

Looking at the photos of that day, there are a few people who are no longer alive. I felt so blessed to have had them at our special day.

21 years!!! Time has gone fast and also slow. I hope that I have made him as happy as he had made me. Here is to another 21 x x 2 years.


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